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AIT is a gentle, effective new therapy that is based on the understanding that the cause of all human suffering is trauma. Trauma—the memory of it, the emotions it brings up, the negative thoughts and beiefs, physical symptoms and behaviors it produces– all consist of energy. AIT removes the hurtful effects of trauma by gently removing the traumatic energy of which they consist from the body, the psyche, and the spirit. All that is left after a trauma is treated with AIT is a neutral memory of it—without emotions, physical symptoms, negative thoughts, or problematic behaviors. What is usually left is peace, lightness, and relief. There are more than 2000 AIT therapists in 12 countries. AIT is therapy that works.

AIT specializes in therapy for deeply wounded clients and their difficult and multiple-diagnosis psychological disorders, physical illnesses that have multiple causes, and spiritual blocks that slow or prevent spiritual development including:

•Their damaged attachment that makes relationships and normal living difficult
• PTSD that turns life into continual nightmarish trauma
•Every type of anxiety that infects the present and future with the traumas of the past
•Depression that removes or seriously limits the positive in a person’s life
•Personality disorders that distort our clients internally and externally, but that are treatable with AIT—finally!!
•Physical illness and pain that limit functioning and take lives
•Unblocking spiritual development where clients desire
*Quick and efficient resolution of simpler, milder therapeutic issues is accomplished much more quickly and easily.